Sprint-X Kick-Off, Yawn1

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Yes, it’s Monday, yes there were a bunch of racing this weekend in PWC. However after the pit lane timing debacle on Saturday, I felt it necessary to wait a day to write about it. Guess what? I was right, since the Panoz GT4 team got penalized post race for what honestly was some awesome racing, with a pinch of love taps. Chevy be bum-hurt. I mean he didn’t even wreck him or push him off track. However, as I’ve learned from my experience in CTCC, stewarding can be some Grade A BS at times.

The GTS race on Sunday (I missed all of Saturday’s races) was ok to watch, I’m really glad that the KTM kicked ass and swept the weekend, but the rest of the race was pretty meh.

Sprint-X round 2 was amazing to watch. Plenty of on track action, and HOLY SHIT the car count! Like, WOW! I was at the first ever Sprint-X round last year and with a measly 7 cars for the total field, I just left and went home. This year will be a much different story, I can’t wait for 3 weeks from now. Feeling insanely proud of Morad showing the Canadian way with some ridiculous pace. I personally am I fan of Bleekemolen but I was pulling for Morad the whole race, despite them being in separate classes.

Touring car was a treat to be had too. Insane battle in the Miata TCA class, it was the best racing in the whole field by far. I have to applaud PWC for balancing the TCR Audi with the rest of the field. With TC being 80% RWD cars it seems, a FWD car being near the front with gusto is no tall order. Actually, I should say the opposite, since I assume TCR is faster than TC cars of yesteryear. I feel terrible for Nick Wittmer after getting wrecked by a lapped down car. The Wittmers as a whole are salt-of-the-earth kind of guys, and for him to spike his (very expensive, I might add) Stilo into the dirt, you KNOW he was Hulk levels of angry. Can’t wait for the next PWC event in the great white north at Mosport in a few weeks!

Meanwhile in Yawn1……………………….sorry I fell asleep thinking about the race :/ . Great win for Bottas, his career first. Stroll spun, but finished with no damage (thank christ). Finally, sad man Alonso DNS’d. Apparently a different problem from when Vandoorne DNS’d in Melbourne but STILL PROBLEMS HONDA! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! You’re embarrassing yourselves…seriously….SERIOUSLY badly.

That’s it for today, look out for another SPO tomorrow about the state of F1!

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